Legal Translation Service

Legal Translation Service

Thailand is not an English speaking country and the level of English use in Thailand is not very high. Many times documents need to be translated such as when you get married in Thailand. You letter of affirmation for your embassy has to be translated from English in Thai for the government.

Advantages of Immigration Lawyers

Advantages of Immigration Lawyers

In many occasions, obtaining legal assistance is perceived as a luxury. This notion can be attributed to the sky-rocketing costs of consultation fees. Immigration lawyers may charge flat or hourly rates. According to the latest rates, the average remuneration of these professionals range from $75 to $150. Some would ask for the same fee, but […]

Thai Visa : Immigration

If you are looking at obtaining a Thai Visa be it a marriage visa , tourist visa or a retirement visa. Speak to any of our attorneys or visa consultants with regards to your options. With offices in all the main cities in Thailand we are Thailand’s largest legal services network. Speak to us now!

Thailand Visa Options

Multiple Entry Thai Visa

There are many different types of Thai Visas however very few are ever spoken about as they are rarely used. Here is a list of the visas which are available and what they are used for. Call us today for more information or speak to us online. See our main website for more details and […]

Thailand Retirement Visa

Thailand Business Visa

  Retiring in Thailand requires the need of a Retirement Visa. The O-A Visa which is issued by the Thai Embassy has certain rules and regulations attached to it. These are the requirements for retirement in Thailand so speak to us today about your retirement needs in Thailand. Note again the age limit for retirement […]

Thailand Marriage Visa

Legal Translation Service

If you are married to a Thai national you have the option of applying for a marriage visa or what is called an “O” Visa at the Thai Embassy. This visa can be extended in country for a year. When applying for a Marriage Visa in Thailand  you need to have the following documents at […]

Thailand Visa : Tourist Visa

Moving to Thailand : Household Goods

  Applying for a Thai Visa depends on what you wish to do in Thailand. There are a number of options if you are married to a Thailand or wish to setup a business however each has their own rules. Speak to an immigration lawyer if you plan to retire or work in Thailand before […]